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Web-based archives-search page using python drop-in script:

Subsequent search results page:

Description of Work Done

Enhancing the web-based email archiver and digest software "PiperMail" to incorporate search functionality that is integrated in the server-side software required mainly some programming based on python 2.7 libraries. The search page that was produced would display the month-day the search hit on, the name of the post by which it was archived and link to view it. I made a prototype of an android interface to this app that would do roughly the same. An android interface to CSCLUG archives:

The web-based script actually works, the android app was a partially-hacked out prototype but was useful all-the-same, for me..

the installable app (I think this is the link for the version that worked to some level... if you install and the app doesn't work send me a note offline!) basically retrieved the posts in a web-view component functional for Android devices only.