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A "google" of Ray Kurzweil - Ray is a futurist, envisionary, and entrepreneur who has not let conventional thinking obstruct his path for altruistic solutions. (Read the wikipedia first, then check out this NPR interview.)

Life Balance

  • 'Ditch the Nalgene Bottle' - current health news

  • Addressing Political Issues, Generally - These Orgs have objective views on subjects that are urgent, in some cases they are proposing responsible legislative reform:

  • Change-Congress.org - hear perspective from the founder of change-congress.org, a movement to keep internet available to increase the success of democratization. CLICK ON THE AUDIO COMMENTARY!!

  • WRI is 'the intersection of environment and human services' - They describe themselves as an environmental think tank that goes beyond research to find practical ways to protect the earth and improve people‚Äôs lives.

  • Amazon - Seems like republicans make more of an attempt to stay informed. Let me know if you disagree!

  • Yahoo Political News - Seems like people who hasten to make their voting decision are typically the ones who are less educated!

  • Candidates Held to Truth - McCain vs. Obama '08: Statements And Facts Compared.

  • Changemag.org - "Looking Ahead - Letters to the President" - Read letters written by significantly influential Education leaders addressing the importance of education.

  • Freepress.net - Organization devoted to reform of media to voice the opinions of middle-class.

  • The Science Debate 2008 - 14 Questions from 27 Nobel Laureates asked to both Candidates AND their responses!

  • Work and Government Spending

  • PDF - Contract Management Magazine's description of the necessity to use Open Architectures among the various branches of Service
    supporting doc--> DON - supporting documentation from the Dept. Navy that acknowledges the need for OA

  • TechPresident - Democrats vs. Republicans

  • E-security

  • OWASP.org - Open Web Application Security Project (enough said).


  • Sometimes capitalism sucks - Hear a **VERY** technical diagnosis of what ails the computer world (ie: Microsoft's corruption has breached international standards)

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