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View the contents of this directory, here, or note that I made contributions of:
  • a web-browser email capability
  • a public service (mission statement in xml schema:stratml) contribution
  • html5 registerProtocolHandler() bug on w3c | mentioned to whatwg.org list also, here-ctrl+F "registerProtocolHandler()"
  • Pipermail (GNU Mailman) archive search utility (uses native python vs. enterprise-level HTDig capabilities - as ie: modelled after Ian Hicks'@google's..but was an idea I thought up before seeing his, there.) In Jan.2014 I shared my idea/prototype with the local LUG chapter on their mailing list in a topic thread (topic name:"Projects to improve GNU-Mailman software (that runs the list)")

  • Ideas I foresee becoming more relevant in the nearfuture (and would like you to ask me about wrt commercial potential)

    transitioning your fleet management backend to one that is more open-sourced in nature (as in from ie: openstreetmaps.org as its mapping data source) or to compliment the services that are possible through such benevolent causes (read: develop a simbiotic business-relationship in coordination with openstreetmaps-type data providers).
    Disclaimer: openmaps was created by Microsoft employee Steve Coast and seemed open- at the time I read of it but may change at any given time (at which time I may be unaware of said changes)